Cost Comparison for Basic Storage + Inbound + Outbound

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Your Own Rented Warehouse
Super Area in Sqft 2,000 5,000 10,000
Storage Type Ground Pallet Rack Pallet Rack
Available Effective Storage Utilization CBM 112 294 588
Setup Expenses 825,000 3,300,000 6,000,000
Monthly Expense
Rent, Security, Administrative, Labour, Overheads 185,000 385,000 635,000
Maintenance, Interest, Depreciation 25,000 99,000 180,000
Total Monthly Expense ₹210,000 ₹484,000 ₹815,000
Cost per CBM 1,875 1,646 1,386
Warehouse Easy Cost
Cost per CBM (Storage + inbound +Outbound) 1,000 1,000 1,000
Savings 47% 39% 28%


Your Own Storage Vs Warehouse Easy Storage

Your Own Warehouse Easy
Initial Setup Investment cost Yes No
Operational Cost High Low
Operational Involvement High Low
Flexible Storage No Yes
System Setup & Manpower Training Yes No
Scalable No Yes
Access to Large Shared Resource Network No Yes
Warehouse Best Practices & Expertise No Yes
Value Added Services Investment & Training required Available off the shelf

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